October 24, 2012

5 Best Foods To Lose Weight

5 Best Foods To Lose Weight

The following foods do not only provide the needed nutrients for our body, but they also contain some ingredients for managing or losing weight.


Results of a recent study have shown that consuming calcium through dairy products (like yogurt) may reduce the fat absorption of other foods, making it harder to gain weight. Just keep a close eye on how much sugar is in your favorite brand. Instead, opt for the Greek version, or stick with plain yogurt and add nuts or fruit for flavor. 

Lean Protein

Consider protein the building block of any good eating plan. Whether you prefer meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy or soy, make sure you include protein in each meal. University of Illinois researchers found that dieters who eat higher amounts of protein lose more fat and feel more satisfied than those who eat the lowest amount. 


Consider this the ultimate dessert. Researchers at the Salk institute recently discovered that a compound found in strawberries helps your body fight against diabetes and nervous system disorders. Even better, the sweetness can trick your taste buds and help lessen your cravings for sugar.


While almonds receive all the attention, pistachios provide just as much fiber (3 grams) and the same amount of heart healthy fats. But the extra benefit: Pistachios are one of the lowest calorie nuts, and researchers have found that the process of removing the shells helps limit over-eating. 


This leafy green is a slimming food that's bursting with health benefits. It's a powerful source of folate, a B vitamin that helps with weight loss, and it contains other micro-nutrients that have been linked with fighting cancer, preventing Alzheimer's, and protecting your liver.

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