June 26, 2014

Six Reasons Why Eating Hot Peppers Are Good for the Body

1.      Metabolism Booster
Do you sweat when eating spicy food? If so, this is because you experience the temporary metabolism boost produced by capsaicin. The ingredient has been shown to increase thermogenesis, also known as heat production, which boosts metabolism immediately after eating hot chili peppers.

2.      Weight Loss Winner
Hot peppers may also help lose weight. Scientists at Purdue University found that eating hot peppers may help reduce cravings for salty, fatty or sweet foods.

3.         Pain Reliever
Capsaicin, active chemical in hot peppers  are used to relieve pain following an attack of shingles or peripheral
neuropathy, according to several studies.

4.         Gastrointestinal Problem Reliever
researches indicate that taken internally, capsaicin might be effective in treating minor indigestion.

5.         Sex Life Enhancer
When capsaicin dilates blood vessels, it increases circulation and stimulates nerve endings all over your body, which can help rev up libido.

6.         Blood Vessel Relaxer
Capsaicin may also help reduce blood pressure. One
study showed that blood vessels in rats relaxed after eating chili peppers. For many people suffering with the high blood pressure, hot peppers may be an effective addition to the diet.

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