September 8, 2012

5 Activities That Can Burn Off Calories

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1.Burning calories off: Swimming
About 170 calories will be burn for 20 minutes of continuous swimming. Breast stroke works on the pectoral muscles, on the thighs, and upper arms. Swimming also helps strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

2.Burning calories off: Cycling
540 calories per hour is equivalent to 9 calories per minute at 16km (10 miles) per hour. For people with joint problems cycling can be very helpful low-impact activity. Including all leg muscles will benefit such as; thigh muscle and calf muscles.

3.Burning calories off: Walking
300 calories per hour is equivalent to 5 calories per minute at 3 miles per hour. Instead of jogging, walking is a good alternative to it. With far risk of injury it helps to develop  
cardiovascular fitness. It also firm up all the leg muscles- in thigh and calf.

4. Burning calories off: Tennis
360 calories per hour or about 6 calories per minute for Doubles game. And 420 calories per hour or about 7 calories per minute for Singles game. While demanding muscle coordination it improves lower body. During strokes the upper torso, arms and shoulder are stretched. The most beneficiaries of all are the lower torso and legs.

5. Burning calories off: Low-impact Aerobics
In an hour-long session 480 calories burnt or 8 calories per minute. The specific areas . are Legs, Tums, and Bums. It is an ideal with a low risk of injury way of improving your fitness level.

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