November 12, 2012

Hoodia - A Weight Loss Solution?

Hoodia - A Weight Loss Solution?

Are you one of the millions of people who is overweight and have to deal with health issues associated with being overweight? You are no doubt anxious to lose the weight as quickly, and safely, as possible.  For this reason you may have found yourself wondering if a weight loss supplement could help and hoodia is probably at the top of your list. Hoodia comes in many forms such as capsules, liquids, chewable bites, teas, and even hoodia powder.  This article will give you a general overview of what hoodia can do for you as well as some general knowledge about this 'miracle' plant.

Hoodia is a plant found in the deserts of South Africa.  This plant was used by the natives for centuries to naturally suppress their appetites and thirst when they had to make long journeys across the desert.  They claimed that it not only decreased their appetites and thirst but that it also increased their energy levels. 

Researchers have isolated the compound that they believe is responsible for the appetite suppressing abilities of the plant and named it P57.  This compound is thought to work by sending signals to the brain and tricking it into believing that the body is full thus eliminating the desire for food or drink and ultimately leading to weight loss.

While there are over 20 species of the hoodia plant, only the Hoodia gordonii has been shown to possess the appetite suppressant compound.  When you are considering buying a hoodia supplement, make sure that you carefully look at the ingredient labels to find out how much hoodia is in each serving.  The amounts can range from as little as 250 mg all the way up to 1,000 mg. 

The powder form is favored by many since it can be mixed in with a favorite drink and can be absorbed more quickly into the system, thus making the benefits show up faster than with other forms of the supplement.  Two types of powder are used: whole plant powder and core powder.  Using the whole plant results in a poor product because the actual compound that is useful in appetite suppressant isn't found in various parts of the plant such as the roots.  Core powder is taken for the heart of the plant where the actual compound is found and therefore makes a much higher concentrate and will offer superior results... but it will also cost more.

When you are deciding between brands make sure that you stick with only those that offer C.I.T.E.S certification which indicates that the hoodia gordonii is 100% pure and undiluted.

There is nothing wrong with trying to use all the tools you can to help you get the weight loss results you want and need, and one of those options is pure hoodia powder.  Be sure that you are cautious about the brands you use and the expectations you have.  Hoodia gordonii can help you keep your appetite in check so you eat less and lose weight, but you still have to do your part.  You will need to provide your body with enough nutritious food and water along with regular exercise to really achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.


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